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Academic Calendar

The academic year at the University of Pécs is divided into two semesters, Fall and Spring. The Fall semester begins in September and lasts until the middle of January. There is a one week break during autumn. The sprig semester begins in February and goes until the middle of June. There is a spring break at the end of March.

Please be aware that the Faculty of Business and Economics divides the semester into two periods: one of scheduled classes and one of examinations at the end of each semester.

Here you can find the list and short descriptions of English language courses that are available for Erasmus+, Exchange and Study Abroad students.


BA Academic Calendar 2018/19 spring

BA Academic calendar 2018/2019 fall

BA Timetable 2018/19 spring

BA Timetable 2018/2019 fall

MSc AM (timetable 201819 spring)

MSc EDE (timetable 201819 spring)

iPhD BA I. (2018 2019 timetable 1st year Spring)

iPhD BA II. (2018 2019 timetable 2nd year Spring)

IPhD REGA I. (timetable PHD RD 201819 Spring)

- & -

BSc Business Administration 

MSc Applied Management - 1st year

MSc Applied Management - 2nd year

MSc Enterprise Development and Entrepreneurship - 1st year

IPhD Program of Business Administration - 1st year

IPhD Program of Business Administration - 2st year

Academic Calendar for Erasmus and Exchange Students

2018/2019 Spring Semester

28 January - 18 February: Neptun & Course Registration

04 -08 February : Orientation Week

05 February 9am: Faculty Orientation

04 February: First day of teaching

08-12 April: Spring break

13 May-08 June: Exam period

National & Public Holidays

 January 1: New Year’s Day

 March 15: 1848 Revolution Memorial Day

 April 19: Good Friday

 April 21: Easter Day

 April 22: Easter Monday

 May 1: Labor Day/ May Day

 August 20: Hungary National Day

 October 23: 1956 Revolution Memorial Day

 November 1: All Saint’s Day

 December 24: Christmas Eve

 December 25: Christmas Day

 December 26: Boxing Day

Business Degree Programs

The Faculty devotes itself to preparing its students for a career in the business world. We are proud of our ability to offer full educational programs in English at Bachelor, Master levels and BA and MA double degrees in German.

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Cerificate Programs

Short term (2 semesters) programs with strong practice orientation. Open to all UP students and free within the UP campus credits (non-UP students pay course fees).

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International PhD Programs

Our International PhD Programs are developed on the basis of the Hungarian PhD program of the Doctoral Schools of Business Administration and Regional Policy and Economics, and thus are nationally accredited. We pride ourselves in the fact that these programs combine the advantages of contact-based and distance-based education drawing on the contribution of recognized national and international experts.

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