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Dr. Gábor Rappai

Professor Gábor Rappai is the Head of Department of Economics and Econometrics on the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Pécs. He teaches Statistics, Multivariate Statistics, Time-series Analysis and Econometrics. Beside his work at University of Pécs, he is a member of the Economy-Modeling Association and also a member of the editor committee of Hungarian Statistical Review. During his academic workmanship he authored 86 Hungarian, and 15 foreign language articles, and participated in the preparation of 9 textbooks.


Prof. Rappai has earned his masters degree in Economics at University of Pécs, Faculty of Business and Economics in 1987, and he also received his doctorate in 1989, the title of his dissertation was “The potentials and nature of the specification and parameter estimation of econometrics micromodels”.  In 1990 he has spent 10 months at the Statistical and Econometrics Institution of the University of Hamburg as a researcher with a DAAD scholarship. In 1991 he also spent time as a lecturer in Hamburg, and in 1993 held presentations at the Arhuus Business School about financial time-series. Beside his lecturing activities he has fulfilled the brokerage vocational training in 1993, and became a candidate of sciences (CSc) in the field of economics at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1997. He received his Habil form the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pécs in 2003 in the field of econometric modeling. Since 2017 he is the Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Science (DSc), the title of his thesis was “The specialties of the modelling in case of anomalies in time series”. His research areas are Econometrics of Causality, Modeling Financial Time Series and Sport Economy.

Department of Economics and Econometrics

Email: rappai@ktk.pte.hu
Phone: 23147
Office: B112

Office hours:

Thursday 12-14

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